Slow Sex 

Intimacy as a tool for transformation and evolution 

with Diana Richardson









Many fundamental misconceptions exist about sex that act as a barrier to a simple, nourishing and uplifting exchange. Because sex has been practiced and viewed in a specific way for generations, there is a collective conditioning in place that, in the majority of us, gradually gets installed on an unconscious level.


The conventional heated, hurried and quick style of sex prevents us from experiencing the ecstatic potential of our extraordinary human bodies. Slow sex means conscious sex, sex with awareness and mindfulness, an unlearning or unwinding of our imprinted and inherited patterns. Slow Sex is not a special technique focused on what you do; instead it is an exploration of "how" you do it. And that how changes everything from the foundation upwards. Slow sex empowers us to physically and consciously create love, harmony and happiness. Changing the style with which you make love transforms your life on profound levels. This "territory" is an aspect of our intrinsic nature, and a spontaneous language of the body!


Join Diana Richardson and Vida Khan, as they investigate sex, and how physical intimacy can be used as a powerful tool for personal transformation and human evolution. It is so rare that universities and academies open up to speaking about sex or making love, that contradicting this reticence on this essential aspect of human lives is highly beneficial.

Diana Richardson is considered to be one of today’s leading authorities on human sexuality. She is the best-selling author of eight books on how in practical ways a person can experience a more fulfilling sex and love life. Born in South Africa in 1954, she first qualified as a lawyer (B.A.LLB) (University of Natal, Durban), and then trained as a holistic massage therapist (ITEC) in the UK. Her interest in the body and healing prompted an intense personal exploration into the union of sex and meditation – the essence of neo-tantra-based on the teachings of Osho, and Barry Long. Look out for her new book "Cool Sex" coming soon!


Since 1993, together with her partner, Michael, she has been sharing her insights and experiences with couples who travel from many different parts of the world to participate in their informative and life-changing Making Love Retreats in Switzerland, where Diana and Michael are based.

Please note: that while every effort is made to create safe spaces for Queer and LGBTQIA+ people at Gaia U, Diana's approach is largely from a heterosexual perspective and may not be LGBTQIA+ inclusive. This talk may not be suitable for persons under 18 years old or the age of consent. This content is not affiliated in any way with Nicole Daedone, author of a different Slow Sex book, or her companies.


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