Cultivating Resilient & Regenerative Wealth

for Individuals, Communities, and the Planet

with Laura Oldanie

Those of us working in permaculture and other regenerative practices believe in and design for the inherent abundance of nature.

However, for a variety of reasons that presumption of abundance diminishes significantly when it comes to other forms of wealth in our lives.


In this discussion with Laura Oldanie, we explore ways that align with our regenerative ethos to (responsibly) tap, steward, and grow the wealth and abundance that surrounds us.


We start by looking at how we can utilize the eight forms of capital (outlined by Gaia University MSc graduates Gregory Landua and Ethan Roland Soloviev) to create a sense of “enough” in our lives and communities.


Then we examine personal finance through a permaculture lens, applying some permaculture principles to our money. Lastly, we delve into some of the innovative and meaningful new ways we can invest and manage our money that help solve our major social and environmental challenges instead of exacerbating them.

Laura Oldanie blogs at Rich & Resilient Living, where she explores money and lifestyle choices for a regenerative future. Her goal is to help people achieve financial freedom and live their best lives in socially and environmentally conscious ways that equally value people, planet, and profit. She received her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2009 and has been exploring how to earn, spend, invest, and manage her money to bring about the change she wants to see in the world ever since.


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