Radically Re-imagining Education 

with Ché-Vanni Davids

Join Ché-vanni Davids as we explore intentions, ideas and actions in and around the Radical Re-imagining of Education. He shares his experiences with spaces, institutions, communities and how they have unshaped and shaped his thinking as to the nature of learning. 

We collectively question how and why we learn, looking at education's ecological practices and meditation in shaping society.

Ché-Vanni Davids is the Co-founder of the Reimagined Learning Community and Ecoversity, both are self-directed community learning spaces. He has been on a path of self-inquiry in community and individually for the past 9 years. He has recognised that unschooling and community can be used as a means for social change, realising the power and opportunity education affords us when our relationship with our community and ourselves are no longer toxic. This way, we are not caught up in fear-based thinking, instead, we realise education as a continuous life long journey that is non-locative. He has explored these concepts, engaged and worked with communities and projects in South Africa Growing Minds Network), Rwanda (Project DEFY), Uganda (Social Innovation Academy), Mexico (Centro de Investigación y Estudios Transmodernos (CIET) and the Afrikan Regional and Planetary Ecoversity Alliance. Engaging with these communities and projects made him realise the importance of learning communities in our quest for humanity and liberation. Ché-Vanni stands for education as a community exercise, and as a tool in creating regenerative cultures that care about life and our planet.          

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