The Necessity of a New Activism

with John Croft, co-developer of Dragon Dreaming

We have arrived at a planetary transition, the old formula of Business as Usual has broken down. Now we face a double crisis. The immediate and rapid one is the COVID 19 pandemic. It requires both the protection of fragile health care systems from being overwhelmed as well as the shutdown of whole industries.

We face a second crisis in Climate Change that has gained prominence in recent years but has now disappeared again from the public focus, a crisis with huge long term implications for generations to come. We know that we need to drastically decrease our carbon dioxide emissions if we are to keep planetary temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, but we are moving the opposite direction with rising CO2 emissions every year.

So what can we do, faced with this double crisis? Fortunately, around the world, people have been experimenting with techniques that do and will make a difference.

During this talk with John Croft we explored what can be done to create a positive change for individuals, communities and the planet as a whole.


JOHN CROFT is an international trainer and consultant, who for 40 years has worked in the field of ecologically sustainable community education and community economic development, in London, in Paris with UNESCO, in Geneva with the ILO, and in Africa, Indonesia, in Papua New Guinea with the World Bank, and Australia with governments, universities and a wide range of community non-government organizations.  He is co-founder of the Australian Association for Sustainable Communities, the Gaia Foundation of Australia and co-developer of the internationally recognized Dragon Dreaming methods.

Gaia University empowers strategic changemakers through transformational action un/learning programs. 

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