Law as a

Healing Profession

with Nomzamo Mji, 

Can law be healing? What do legal solutions look like when legal actors recognize people as multifaceted, complex beings that require nuanced solutions? What is the role of a lawyer who sees their work as a calling to restore harmony on an interpersonal and collective level?    


An expanded understanding of lawyers as change agents and healers holds the key to unlocking creative, liberating and regenerative dispute resolution methods applicable in many conflict areas. These processes incorporate a broader understanding of justice that involves healing, embodied practices, indigenous and decolonial notions of justice. Justice that is concerned with accountability beyond scapegoating and punishment, justice that concerns itself with root and systemic issues.


Nomzamo Mji is a human rights lawyer who sees an urgent need to infuse healing, wellbeing and psycho-social factors into strategies to deal with violence against women and other spaces of oppression. Join Nomzamo in exploring the potential of law as a healing profession.  

Nomzamo Mji is a human rights lawyer, holistic health coach and yoga teacher, aspiring author and co-owner of The Toolbox, a wellness centre she founded with her sister in 2016.  The mission of The Toolbox is to share tools to create health and make holistic health accessible. Nomzamo does this through yoga classes, workshops, programmes, health coaching and wellness experiences.   


Nomzamo is passionate about social change, healing and creating conditions in which people can lead dignified lives that celebrate and honour their spirit.  This passion led her to study and practice constitutional law. Since then, she has been teaching  Hatha and Kundalini Yoga. Whether as a yoga teacher or a legal eagle, she facilitates processes and holds space for people to feel, heal and deal. She is currently investigating ways in which to blend her legal and wellness experiences to create processes honour individuals and restore harmony on an interpersonal and collective level.

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