Feeding Bellies not Bins

with Hanneke van Linge, 


Join Hanneke van Linge as we explore how we can address food insecurity and minimise waste, while working towards a circular food economy. Hanneke and her team at Nosh Food Rescue have been accomplishing this in Johannesburg, South Africa; by linking surplus produce to soup kitchens and feeding schemes.


Her work with Nosh Food Rescue presents an opportunity to apply permaculture principles to our very broken food system to reduce the 10 million tonnes of food wasted annually in South Africa alone.

In 2015 Hanneke accidentally took over the management of a weekly soup kitchen in Krugersdorp West (South Africa). It was here where she first consciously encountered the diabolical extent of food waste – and has never looked back. 
Out of this experience NOSH Food Rescue NPC was born, a growing non-profit social enterprise that collects food surplus from different sources.  Ranging from the retail sector to agriculture and distributes this rescued food and produce to an ever-widening network of soup kitchens, shelters and feeding schemes. 
At the beginning of the first Covid-19 Lockdown in April 2020, Hanneke became a founding partner of ‘Chefs with Compassion’, a new NPC aiming to connect chefs and the hospitality industry to utilise food surplus and waste to cook nutritious meals for those in need. 
An experienced environmental and food activist, Hanneke is a member of Slow Food and started the Slow Food ‘Food Waste Warriors’ community. That highlights the brokenness of the current food system and educates on issues surrounding waste, hunger and food justice in general. She is also involved in various permaculture, community garden, homesteading, self-sufficiency and sustainability initiatives. Which often integrate with the goals of NOSH which are to make good quality nutrition accessible to those who need it most.


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