Deep Ecology 

Express your truth during these times

with Ana Vitória Aderzen and Lotan Sapir

The Future Grandmothers is an international network of women exploring ways to experience deep life-sustaining connection online, together around Mother Earth. Rooted in Joanna Macy's Work that Reconnects, we mutually inspire and strengthen each other in being the future grandmothers our planet is calling for through story-telling approaches and grief & empowerment rituals.


Join Ana Vitória Aderzen and Lotan Sapir during this interactive webinar as they innovate an online space that enables anyone to go deep within, sense their inner truth and let it out in their unique way. For this purpose, we call upon meditative, physical, and creative practices to create a varied space that offers each participant ways to sink into their inner landscape. The camera and screen are assigned their specific space as enablers of an interaction that spans the planet - and we use them with the necessary mastery a tool needs to be of service. Thereby, we facilitate a collective process of mindful human interaction to empower us to express our truth more widely and inspire actions in its wake. 

Ana Vitória Adzersen


I am an explorer seeking to infiltrate our current way of living with connection and wonder. My practice is to reach out to Earth and nature every day in the concrete city through my own body, the humans around and the urban warrior plants. This practice is how I sustain thriving life in me, my community and my city.

Rooted in Brussels, I have initiated various community-building processes for unity in diversity amongst her citizens. Most recently, my citizen initiative Empowering Stories is weaving connections in the North neighbourhood for refugees, inhabitants, commuters and decision-makers to join together and take charge of their common life.

With the citizen movement AgoraBrussels, I design and facilitate the Brussels Citizens Assembly as an example of the innovative power that comes through when we get together and inspire each other to new ways of understanding Life. 

My contribution is rooted in Joanna Macy’s practices for wholesome activism, Thích Nhất Hạnh’s teachings of full presence and Pat McCabe ‘Woman Stands Shining’ inspiration for nourishing thriving Life.

Lotan Sapir


I am an artist driven by the question: “What does it mean to be human beings in the world today?” As a performer, facilitator and celebrant I hold spaces for the expression and transformation of deep seated emotions into acts of creative celebration. I create self-generated land-based rituals and performances rooted in Deep Ecology Joanna Macy’s ‘The Work That Reconnects’ and The School of Lost Borders’ ‘Rites of Passage in Nature’ which I fuse with my 10+ years of international dance theatre performance.


For 9 years I have lived in London as a Movement Director \ Producer \ Physical theatre Dance Performer \ Theatre Director with Theatre companies and interactive audience involving theatre performances such as DanceTheatre OneTasteUK, Theatre De L’Ange Fou/ International School of Corporeal Mime, Secret Cinema, Gecko Theatre, Punch Drunk and more..

My passion for creating art which asks core questions of being Human today brought me in 2016 to form "The Human Theatre” in IsraelPalestine. It is a community platform which uses the performing arts as a tool for personal and collective transformation.

Gaia University empowers strategic changemakers through transformational action un/learning programs. 

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