Cultural Emergence   

with Looby Macnamara,

Join Looby Macnamara as we explore  the Cultural Emergence toolkit for designing and embodying regenerative cultures. This toolkit incorporates systems thinking, awareness of culture, Design Web, connection practices and much more.


Cultural Emergence is the title of Looby's latest book and it supports us in creating regenerative cultures of personal leadership, collective wisdom and Earth care. It is an evolution and synthesis of Looby’s pioneering work with People & Permaculture; and Jon Young’s wisdom in cultural repair, deep nature connection and village building.


Looby has been teaching permaculture for nearly 20 years, during this time she has been a pioneer of personal and social permaculture. She's the author  of People & Permaculture, the first book globally to focus on the 'people care' ethic . Looby is also author of 7 Ways to Think Differently and Strands of Infinity. Her latest book, Cultural Emergence shares a pioneering toolkit for regeneration and transformation.

She runs Applewood Permaculture Centre in the UK with her partner Chris Evans. She is also one of the partners of the European Mother Nature project, empowering mothers. Looby has been an active member of the permaculture community, and was a chairperson of the Permaculture Association and is a senior diploma tutor.


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